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"Where would we be without AgileMesh? Light-years behind. We appreciated working with your team to get our systems in order."

- Officer James

Case Study: SWAT Training

A SWAT team was conducting semiannual training in Hostage Rescue Tactics at an abandoned manufacturing plant. The limited “office” space at the facility was being used to run “ex-employee returns to the office with a gun” HRT scenarios.

The limited size and amount of “office” space made it very difficult for trainers and evaluators to be “in” the space during the dynamic portion of the operation.

Deployment of a single-camera AgileMesh node inside the problem at a central point that had a view of the entry point. Using the remote viewer to manipulate the camera and as a local recording device, instructors were able to see important areas within the structure as well as review movement with the team.


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