Rapidly Deployable Video Surveillance™

Enhanced School Safety

When an incident occurs in a school resulting in hostage or barricaded suspect situations, any information that can be provided to the arriving first responders about what is occurring inside the school is of upmost importance. This internal information is often available on the school's surveillance system but unfortunately, unless someone inside is watching the surveillance and reporting to the responders outside, the surveillance data is unusable. What is needed is way to make that surveillance data available before, during, and after the responders arrive at the scene.

The AgileMesh Solution delivers a patented “plug-and-play” technology, an AgileMesh node can be connected to the internal surveillance system. This AgileMesh node makes the internal surveillance data available via its built-in cellular connection over the internet to authorized responders. This valuable internal surveillance data is available to responders as they are approaching the scene. When they arrive at the scene the surveillance data is available to them via a wireless mesh connection to a WiFi enabled portable tablet computer. These real-time video images provide that extra awareness of the inside of the school.

School Safety Kit System components:

  • Internal node connected to school surveillance system
    • Analog
    • IP
    • Cellular connectivity
  • Mobile node w/antenna
  • Tablet computer w/viewing software application

Complementary resources: If the responders have AgileMesh's rapidly deployable wireless tactical surveillance equipment, these internal images can be integrated with other images from responder assets that are deployed at the incident, such as bomb robots, perimeter cameras, entry team cameras, etc. This provides complete “situational awareness” to the incident commanders at the incident.

The school safety kit can be utilized as a standalone connection to the internal security system of the school to be used by school security personnel to monitor actions inside the school. This can be done from a vehicle outside the school as it moves around the school campus. This can serve as an early warning for incidents and to continually monitor school safety.

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