Rapidly Deployable Video Surveillance™

Public Safety

Providing public safety is the primary task of the government. The agencies involved with this are tasked with security at all times. Whether the event or incident requiring security is planned or unplanned, there is a need for situational awareness at the incident. This situational awareness is not available because of the lack of infrastructure or installed equipment for providing the information. Temporary and portable surveillance is required at the incident or event. The AgileMesh patented solution delivers easy to use, wireless mesh technology, AgileMesh camera stations can be distributed around the incident or at the event. These camera stations are "meshed" together to produce a single signal containing an aggregate of the images from each of the camera stations. This aggregate signal can be received at the command location for real-time monitoring and recording. The AgileMesh solutions for the public safety market address the needs at both the field level and the command level. They are rapidly deployable, self-contained camera stations that wirelessly connect to each other as well as to the command viewing/recording location providing complete command awareness of the incident or the event.

It is a complement to existing agency video resources, such as bomb robots, pole cameras, mast cameras, these video assets can be connected via CommandMesh along with the other AgileMesh camera resources for aggregation and on-site viewing/recording or cellular transport to remote monitor locations.

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