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AgileMesh™ Launches Second Generation G2 Product Line at 2011 National Association of Techincal Investigators (NATIA) Conference in Tampa Florida July 18th

RICHARDSON, TX – JULY 18, 2011 – AgileMesh, Inc., a developer of portable, on-scene, live-streaming, wireless video surveillance and data communications technology for public safety applications, announced today it will launch its new second generation G2 product line at the 2011 National Technical Investigators Association (NATIA www.natia.org) conference and expo July 18th in Tampa, Florida.

G2 includes the GroundView™, VehicleView™ , StealthView™ NetView™ and BodyView™ Series of live-streaming video surveillance products. These products are designed for deployment on the ground, in police cars, mobile command centers, armored vehicles, body-worn, with pre-existing surveillance products, and for concealment in a wide range of other covert devices. All the G2 products are powered by CommandMesh™, Agilemesh's proprietary wireless Incident Area Intelligence Network.

"Basically, we have taken our existing line of field-proven products, made a number of improvements, and added our own proprietary CommandMesh™ technology platform," said Mark Satinsky, co-founder of AgileMesh™. "Our G2 products provide greatly enhanced incident area surveillance and seamlessly integrate with an agency's analog and digital legacy surveillance equipment."

The GroundView™ Series features one-man-deployable, tripod-based surveillance systems including the SCOUT, SENTINEL AND WATCHTOWER. The VehicleView™ Series features vehicle-mounted surveillance systems including CAR KIT, ARMORED-CAR KIT and COMMAND-VEHICLE KIT. The StealthView™ Series features CONCEALMENTS which are cameras, sensors etc. that can be easily concealed inside things like barrels on a road, fake telephone boxes on the pole and a variety of other covert applications. The BodyView Series features man-wearable, live-streaming, mobile surveillance. And the NetView Series allows the CommandMesh environment to be extended in terms of range, connectivity to other IP-based networks, and to non-AgileMesh Surveillance products.

"A key attraction of CommandMesh™ is that it creates a single unified intelligence environment tying together whatever intelligence assets (surveillance products) are required for a particular operation – whether those products be AgileMesh or from other manufacturers," Satinsky said.

He explained that this 360 degree view of an incident reduces radio traffic because officers no longer have to describe what is happening around the incident to commanders, the commanders can see it live on their screen. This improves incident control, increases officer safety and clears officers who can be utilized elsewhere.

AgileMesh™, Inc. develops portable, on-scene wireless video surveillance and data communications systems for use in Law Enforcement, Fire-EMS, Homeland Security and Loss Prevention applications. Each AgileMesh™ solution is powered by their proprietary wireless CommandMesh™ Incident Area Intelligence Network. AgileMesh™ systems provide public safety commanders with an enhanced level of incident and event management capability, increased officer safety, more accurate incident action records and greater liability protection. The company was founded in 2006, is based in Richardson, Texas and serves top public safety agencies in the United States. AgileMesh™ may be contacted at info@agilemesh.com or visit www.agilemesh.com.

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