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UCF and AgileMesh

September 11, 2010



Game day is always an exciting event and the University of Central Florida (UCF) Knights are no exception. UCF, located in Orlando, Florida, is currently the second largest university by enrollment in the U.S. 

As part of the September 11th, 2010, football game AgileMesh was deployed the entire day around Brighthouse Networks Stadium on campus. AgileMesh Rapidly Deployable Wireless Mesh Video Surveillance provided video surveillance around the stadium parking lots where there is no video coverage. 

Utilizing the AgileMesh Rapidly Deployable Wireless Video Surveillance system the UCF Police Department was able to quickly set up cameras in various locations and seamlessly / simultaneously view, pan, tilt and zoom video from the mesh networked cameras. The unique AgileMesh multi-point to multi-point mesh network allowed the stadium command post staff to view video from camera stations that were non line of sight simply by utilizing the camera stations that it could see to communicate with those it could not.

Video was captured, recorded and available for review during the entire day recording pre-game tailgating, parking lots and stadium entrances activity.

For more information on UCF visit: http://www.ucf.edu

For more on AgileMesh visit: http://www.agilemesh.com

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