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AgileMesh supports Tahlequah, Oklahoma First Responders Training for School Shooting

AgileMesh supports Tahlequah First Responders Training for School Shooting

February 16, 2012

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. - It's a nightmare scenario for any community: Four shooters loose on a school campus - taking aim at innocent victims. That is what first responders trained for at Indian Capitol Technology Center in Tahlequah on Thursday.

"By law we are required to do these active shooter drills on a regular basis. We normally lock down for 10 minutes and then it's all over," campus director Robin Roberts said. "We wanted to have something more life like. Something that has the duration that an actual event would have - to mix some of the emotion with it. Where it leaves a lasting impression on our faculty and staff."

Read more: http://www.kjrh.com/dpp/news/local_news/first-responders-train-for-school-shooting#ixzz1nDkVCYEv

 Read more and view the video by clicking on the above link.


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AgileMesh products are used in a wide variety of applications where video surveillance is needed on a situational basis. Our technology is easy to deploy by non-technical users and works with virtually all existing analog and digital (IP) specialty video equipment, including bomb robots, thermal imagers and negotiator throw phones. AgileMesh products have self-contained power and require no pre-existing communication infrastructure. Our gear is used in tactical, overt, covert operations, at special events for monitoring and crowd control, and anytime surveillance is needed in a location where it didn’t previously exist. AgileMesh devices are made so that non-technical users can quickly deploy surveillance that gives non-line-of-sight situations in a matter of minutes. Situational Awareness is greatly improved by providing command with much higher levels of information to improve decision making. Our family of products is modular. All elements work together and are offered in multiple fixed (with or without tripods) and mobile (vehicle and wearable) configurations to solve a wide variety of surveillance requirements. AgileMesh equipment is used by law enforcement (SWAT, investigative units, etc.), fire departments, VIP-protection details, OEMCs, and military entities among others.

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